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Apartmány IT Centrum Neighbourhood

What better place to spend your active summer holiday, than right here in the gate to the Giant mountains - Vrchlabí. Whether you decide for hiking, biking and mountain trekking, (individuals or groups), tennis, horsebackriding, paragliding or bobsleigh, its all right here or in the surrounding.
You can also partake in the local cultural program in the form of promenades, concerts, expositions, discoteques and cinema... and who knows, you may just time it right and stumble across one of the regular international sports events that are held in the area.

All-day excursion - TO ČERNÁ HORA

Take the bus from Vrchabi to Janske Lazne and then take the cableway to Cerna hora (Black Mountain). From Sokolska bouda set out on the red trail to the Mir (Peace) chalet via Prazska bouda (4.5 km). After around 500 m you can turn to the left along the blue trail and return along the Idina trail via Dolni Dvur to Vrchlabi (around 12 km). More ambitious hikers can continue from the Mir chalet along the red trail, via Lyzarska bouda and Lisci hora to Bufet na rozcesti (10 km] and then take the red trail to the lefl to Zadni Renerovky and Lahrovy boudy as far as Svedsky Kriz (Swedish Cross). Near the cross, where Swedish king Gustav Adolf is said to have rested, turn to the lefl onto the green trail and through Hanapetrova paseka on the yellow to Dolni Dvur and the church. Following the yellow signs will take you to the crossroods above Dolni Dvur, where you should turn to the right onto the blue trail. It is around 22 km as far as Vrchlabi. You can, however, also set out along the red trail via Zadni Renerovky to Hribeci boudy and end the walk of around 23 kilometres at the quarry in Strazne, from where a bus back to Vrchlabi goes at around 5 p.m. Alternatively you can walk for another 6 km to Vrchlabi via Strazne.

All-day trip to Strážné

From Vrchlabi by bus bound for Spindleruv Mlyn, get off at Michluv Mlyn. From there along green trail to junction at Nad Michlovym Mlynem (l km) and up the valley of Drevarsky potok (stream) to the junction of paths above Krasna plan (l.5 km). You can continue your walk along green trail through Rybnični and Jezerni domky straight to Strazný (2 km), whereas those more eager will climb along blue trail over Koprivnik (1046 m a. s. l.) to the Bouda na Plani (chalet on the plain), where German officers planned Hitler´s assassination in 1944. Follow green trail through the Plan and Klasterka as far as parting of ways at U Klinovych bud (7 km) and return by the new Fries´path over the hillside of Svetly vrch ( l 315 m a. s. l) past Friesovy boudy (chalets). In the last part of the path you pass the Svedsky kriz (Swedish Cross) - a monument in the place where, allegedly, the Swedish King Gustav Adolf rested. The blue trail is continued in red, which will guide you to Vrchlabi. Then past Hribeci boudy (chalets) to the Lom (quarry) at Strazný (5 km), from where both tracks continue together to a gentle upward slope along the road (2.5 km) to the square. Then by a stony path you run on down the hill onto the road between Spindleruv Mlyn and Vrchlabi (l.5 km) and on into the centre, where you will be offered their own beer while having a rest in the Pivovarska basta (hotel cum brewery). You get to to the square after another l.5 km. Total distance is ll or 21 km.

Walking tour to Žalý

From Spindleruv Mlyn by bus to Herlikovice; from there by cableway onfo the top of Zaly where there is a watchtower offering gorgeous views. The name Zaly (Mournful) allegedly originates in the early 17th century the time when Czech Protestants were parting with their homeland on their journey to exile in Zittau. From there descend 500 m, guided by red trail sign, turn left to yellow trail, on downhill to reach Krizovky (3 km). On along yellow signs through Knezice past the Knezicka chalupa restaurant, offering pleasant refreshments and horse rides. Return to Vrchlabi (4 km) by a comfortable path past the small chapel of St. Ann from where there is a view of the Krkonose&s major mountains Černa hora and Lisci hora as well as the town of Vrchlabi.

The chair lift HERLIKOVICE (1019 m above sea level)

is located 4 km from the village Vrchlabi, on the road to Spindleruv Mlyn. The chair lift has own parking place, you can park here free of charge. From the top station, it is just 100 m to stone look-out tower. You can see from here beautiful view on the whole Giant Mountain, including hill Snezka - the highest mountain in Czech Republic and view to inland - to hill Jested, Trosky and Kozakov. We recommend to cyclists comfortable entrance to cycling routes in Benecko, Horni Misecky, Janova Hora, Spindleruv Mlyn and back to Herlikovice.

All-day bicycle excursion

From Vrchlabi take the steep ascent to the quarry in Strazne (around 6 km), where you should turn to the right onto the red trail (lA) to Hříběcí boudy. Then turn to the right onto the l B cycle trail and follow the gently rising hillside of the majestic Kotel and Liscí hora, via Tetřeví vrch as far as Tetrevi boudy (around 14 km). Then follow the l B trail along the gas pipeline to Lesni bouda and turn to the right downwards along the red trail to Náchodská bouda (around 2 km). If you have had enough you can then take the trail back to Cerny Dul. The more proficient can take the circuit of the educational cycle trail leading for around l 8 km through the most beautiful scenery of Cerna hora and Svetla hora. Note - this area is open until 5 p.m. only! Then set out along the red trail via Bobí boudy to the saddle beneath Kolínská bouda, and then continue along the well-marked trail with information signposts through Vaclavak, Peticesti, Vlasské boudy, Krausovy boudy, Modré kameny and Velke Pardubické Boudy as far as Cerna hora (l 299.4 metres above sea level). After catching your breath take the descent from the crossroads beneath Cerna bouda via Zrcadlo and the saddle beneath Kolinska bouda back to Nachodska bouda. From here there is an extremely steep descent (l E) via Cihlarska bouda as far as Cerny Dul and further along the road route 22 to Cista (around 9 km) Then follow the road for an easy 8 km through Lánov and past the airport as for as Vrchlabi. The route covers a total of around 60 km.


The chatel Knezicka chalupa is situated in the hight of 700 m above sea level between Vrchlabi and Benecko in the middle of the groves and pastures.
You needn´t worry to ride our horses. Everybody can test the feeling of ride who didn´t try to ride till now. We have horses which have been chosen to suit beginners and experienced riders, too. It is not possible to learn riding during a week or two weeks we only show you how and what you should do if you want to learn it really.
We ride in the nearest surrounding and also to the Giant Mountains National Park, on its border our chalet is situated. Children like to ride pony or donkey.
Everywhere you will be accompanied during your acquaintance with the horses by the coaches who are ready to advise or to help you.

Bobsleigh Track - Spindleruv Mlyn

An Ideal Destination for Family Outings

The summer bobsleigh track is a sport and leisure facility designed for the active use of free time. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology tested at hundreds of similar facilities installed throughout the world adepts of sporting rides, children over two years of age and also elder visitors to Spindleruv Mlyn can enjoy this extreme experience. The specially designed sleds with effective braking mechanism allow to everyone to choose his/her optimum speed and driving style. The summer bobsleigh track is easy to get onto and out of. After an easy ride to the start of the summer bobsleigh track you will have an enjoyable and safe riding experience along a smooth stainless-steel chute. The bobs used on the summer track, equipped with rubber wheels, are designed for one or two persons. You may decide whether to drive alone or in a pair with your children or friends.



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